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Financial distress among UK households has slightly eased over the last year. 30% of households are squeezed compared to 33% in September 2013. But 7% of consumers are experiencing the highest level of distress – having defaulted on a bill, loan or housing payment last month.

People in Scotland and the North of England are experiencing higher levels of financial distress on average. To see the level of financial distress in your local area see the Which? Financial Distress Map.

Satisfaction and wellbeing

56% (-4)

How many people are satisfied with life overall?
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Inflation is higher...

...for young people

Future spending

25% (-3)

How many people are cutting back spending on essentials?
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Consumers still most worried...

...about energy, food and fuel costs

Top consumer worries

37% (-1)

How many people think the UK economy will get better in the next year?
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Financial Resilience

Trust in industry sectors and other institutions

22% (0)

How many people trust energy companies?
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Consumer optimism..

Squeezometer - The 5 levels of financial distress

30% (-3)

How many people are feeling the squeeze?
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