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Consumer sentiment towards the economy has been becoming more negative over recent months - 30% now think it will improve in the coming year, and 30% think it will get worse.

By contrast, attitudes towards personal finances are improving 26% now think they will improve with 26% also thinking they will deteriorate in the next year.

Satisfaction and wellbeing

62% (0)

How many people are satisfied with life overall?
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Retirement worries

just 44% currently paying into a pension

Future spending

24% (-2)

How many people are cutting back spending on essentials?
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Lived Inflation Index

Who is affected most by price increases?

Expectations for the economy

30% (-5)

How many people think the UK economy will get better in the next year?
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Inflation high for essentials

Trust in industry sectors and other institutions

20% (-3)

How many people trust energy companies?
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Economic Sentiment

Views about the economy and personal finances are diverging

Squeezometer - The 5 levels of financial distress

28% (-3)

How many people are feeling the squeeze?
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