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Trust in essential markets remains low. Just one in four consumers trust long-term financial product providers and energy companies to act in their best interests. Even following recent announcements of cuts to energy prices, gas and electricity companies are among the least trusted industries.

Satisfaction and wellbeing

62% (-1)

How many people are satisfied with life overall?
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Economic expectations

continue to improve as they reaches a new high

Future spending

26% (2)

How many people are cutting back spending on essentials?
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Which? Lived Inflation

Expectations for the economy

37% (3)

How many people think the UK economy will get better in the next year?
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Long term inflation remains high for essentials

Trust in industry sectors and other institutions

24% (0)

How many people trust energy companies?
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Consumer worries

Squeezometer - The 5 levels of financial distress

31% (2)

How many people are feeling the squeeze?
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