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What makes a successful application to the Which? Fund?

1. Make sure you’re clear on your aims

We want the work we support through the Which? Fund to make a real difference for consumers. To convince us that your project will have a positive impact, make sure you’re clear on what problem you’re investigating, who has the power to fix it, how they’d go about it, and how your work would actively contribute to that change. We want to know what success would look like for your project, and how you’d know that you’ve achieved it.

2. Keep it brief

We’re expecting to receive more applications than we will be able to fund. Processing those applications, making sure each one gets a fair review, and offering feedback to all applicants will take our team a lot of time. We’d be very grateful if you could be mindful of our time, as we’ve tried to be mindful of yours in designing this application process. 

We’ve purposefully provided guidelines for length, not strict word counts, to save you spending hours agonising over a couple of additional words or an extra line taking you onto another page. In return, we’d ask that you pay attention to our guidelines, and keep your application brief. Applications which are clearly much longer than we’d expect given our suggested word counts won’t be reviewed, to make sure we have enough time to give everyone else a fair chance.

3. Avoid jargon

Applications will be reviewed by a team with differing types of expertise, some in policy, and some in research methods. Please write your application in plain English, avoiding jargon, undefined acronyms and technical phrases, so we can really understand what you’re aiming to do and why. If our team can’t agree on what we think you meant by something in your application, it’ll be difficult for us to reach a decision.  

4. Read the instructions carefully

The questions we ask in the application form have been very specifically designed to help us gather the information we need to decide which projects are most likely to meet our aims. Please make sure you’re answering the question, and all of the points noted in the Guidance for Applicants, to give yourself the best possible chance of success. 

As a charity, we have to stick with strict rules about what we can and can’t fund. As such, it’s really important that you take the time to read the Guidance for Applicants really carefully, and check that you’re eligible for us to give you the funding you need.

5. Be open about the risks - and how you’ll manage them

We know first-hand that the path to driving change is not straightforward. We expect that your projects will face risks too - and what’s important is how you plan to manage them. An application which demonstrates a clear understanding of the risks, and sets out strategies for mitigating these, will show us that you’ve really thought things through.

If you have any questions about the application process, or would like to receive an application form, please contact Raveene-Jonelle at funding@which.co.uk

Best of luck with your application!

Which? is a not-for-profit organisation wholly owned by the Consumers’ Association (registered charity no. 296072). The Which? Fund is funded by the Consumers’ Association.

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