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The Which? Consumer Insight Tracker shows that consumer optimism about the future of the economy has improved in the last year. We’re also just beginning to see people being more optimistic about their own finances. But essential costs continue to be the top consumer concerns.

Satisfaction and wellbeing

58% (-1)

How many people are satisfied with life overall?
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The highest income group..

..still more likely to be optimistic about the economy's future

Future spending

25% (-6)

How many people are cutting back spending on essentials?
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Consumers less worried..

..about energy, food and fuel costs

Top consumer worries

37% (-1)

How many people think the UK economy will get better in the next year?
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Homeowners versus Renters

Trust in industry sectors and other institutions

21% (0)

How many people trust utility companies?
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Consumer Spending

Squeezometer - The 5 levels of financial distress

29% (-7)

How many people are feeling the squeeze?
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